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  • Mood: Daily Needs
Cleaning up gallery and myself.
  • Mood: Unhappy
Since I have to focus on my Design job,
I do not have much time to draw some completed stuff for everyone.
But these days I get very angry that someone in  has steal my private images(been hacked) on twitter and upload without my permission.
I feel very very sad for this.

In DA My friend has steal trouble few days ago,too.
I want to tell everyone that,Please,Please respect all the artist private rights ,
and do not upload any images that are not belong to you.

If get worst,I will never upload any images on internet.

Sorry for my poor English,
Thank you.

Thanks for the comments.
I don't care that using my pictures that I have posted. but NOT the Private one.
Been hacked scared me that I cannot share things on internet anymore....
Sorry for my poor english...orz

Thanks a lot for comments!
Since there are still some troubles in Japan,I hope all things will be fine.

Somethings want to tell is
I will stop updated fanworks, because my work are get more hardly everyday.><
Reply will be very slowly.If my account stealed,I will close my page.

About my fanworks,you can download as you want,but please do not change or post in yours account.
Since that DA are too many gallery to find out where is the original or not.

Q: Do you take requests?
A: Sorry.I do not take requests.

Q: Do you reprint Apogee of Darkness or others?
A: Sorry I don`t...

Q: Can I use your Drawing for Icon or something?
A: That's OK,just please add credit of my name and my page.
   No commercial ,for more information please read the C.C. licence.

Q: What Softwares do you use?
A: Mainly use Photoshop CS2 and SAI.

Thank you, I will miss yours guys ><
  • Mood: Tired
March 11th the biggest earthquake hit Tokyo and East coast of Japan.

I am fine though I am in Osaka.
Please pray for Japan. Hope all people are safe.><



  • Mood: Miserable

Taking break

Thu Apr 16, 2009, 6:22 AM

I must focus on my School Work,
Therefore I will stop update for a while.

Since somebody ask me some questions...
Q: Do you take requests?
A:Ah,Sorry. I only draw while free time,please forgive me.><

Q: Do you reprint Apogee of Darkness?
A:No...I would not reprint it,recently.

Q: Can I use your Drawing for Icon or something?
A:That's OK,just please add credit of my name and my page.
No commercial ,for more information please read the C.C. licence.

Q: What Softwares do you use?
A:Mainly Photoshop CS2 and OpenCanvas.
Sometimes I use SAI(Watercolor),GraphicGale(Pixal), MAYA(3D), ZBrush(3D) for addition.

Thanks a lot for comments! vV I do my best~

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Doujinshi information++

Thu Dec 18, 2008, 3:51 AM
Ordering start!

More information please go to following page!

Cross x Limits
Taking break

Apogee of Darkness
##SOLD OUT!!!!##

Thanks for watching:D

I still have school work to do...;w;
and Thanks a lot for fav Rockman 21th Birthday!

What? he looks like Copy X or Unknown X? maybe so
*run away*

__________________________Dec 29
The Comic Market75 in Japan has finished,
with Book recorded so I can sell my book now:D

In fact,
One foreigner has took my photograph in my space o_0

weee that's scared me.XD

__________________________Jan 05

###Happy New Year!!!XD###
Still busy in school work...orz
And the news is Apogee of Darkness are few left in stock.
I would not reprinted it again ,so don't miss it !

__________________________Jan 18 AM1:00

Apogee of Darkness Sold out!!
Thanks everyone...really happy for this ><,Thank you everyone!

  • Mood: Joy
I will stop the sale since I am working on the new book,
sorry for the inconvenient.

The information of the new book will release after 31/12/2008~
  • Mood: Content

Order Start!

Tue Apr 29, 2008, 10:23 PM
Shadow Doujinshi
Apogee of Darkness Order Start!


  • Mood: Joy
I changed the diary to blogger that able to use RSS reader.

Sorry for Chinese only, but can see the sketch or some gossip...
Suggestions and Comments are always welcome:D
  • Mood: Joy
I just want to up the comic drawn few years ago
It's about AXL and Cinamon of Rockman X command mission
A short story…

Now I can't draw more like cute XD
  • Mood: Humor
I've catched a bad cold these days....
lay in bed all day.
can't speak, can't get out, can't do anything..
no one can help me but myself
terrible alone...

Thanks God I feel better now...T_T
  • Mood: Fear




Japanese study is over.
Now I am a digital-art student
draw all I want without limit.

and full my DA ! (sounds ridiculous)
Time gone so it is time to return to school,
be a good student and no more neet

This Oct. 5 I will start in Tokyo,studying Japanese half year
and get into Game design college~~~Be a Creator

Though I have no time drawing something....><

God bless me :D
Where is my DA Watching list??||||

I can't find it....orz
Played for over 60 hours, still good to play doggie >//<
these day try to draw some animals :P?

use the Hair and Fur .....rendering more takes time...orz

Finded some owesome KH pictures surfing in DA, Lovely Lovely ROXAS ww

watching beautiful pictures can spiritualize me, thanks a lots for give energies >w<
FUN! Holy FUN!

but still HARD...orz
Does anybody can let Spline be more easy to use...orz
these three days I went to Taipei book show, bought some books I want long time ago.

One series is COLOR Kingdom (Comickers book)………

Total has three books,
each book has 9 color master tutorial.
All are very impressive :)

And the other books I bought a lot is CG WORLD ( japanese magazine )
pretty well design and master report, and has many corner of CG's creation
(CG creater main)

Aweful the magazine is!

and I also want to bought EXPOSE' series but I did not find it..QQ"
At 7:00AM



Σ ( + " +

what a hell Who call me at this very moment....

"you have o-n-e message"


#@!$Q...commercial mail....GO DIE with mosquitoes ="=##
Sleep Sleep I must to Sleep....


OH I HATE mosquito!!!!!="=###

Now I can hear my liver barking.....bommmmm...